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Dr Teny Combo HG Tiles and Tap Cleaner

Original price was: ৳ 1,379.00.Current price is: ৳ 799.00.


Dr teny tap cleaning spray for cleaning water taps and steel taps and fittings and glass, white spots of water spots and rust and iron spots of water.

  • Old things will be as shiny, clean and bright as new
  • White stains on water taps and bathroom glass will be removed
  • Iron stains of water will be removed
  • Rust and red spots of rust will be cleared
  • White spots of water on the mirror will be cleaned

  • If the water faucet has red spots, white spots, and rust due to iron, you can remove them very easily. And will give a nice shiny call or tap
  • For a long time, there are white stains on the Thai glass of the bathroom or the window or the house because of not cleaning the water, can’t remove it? This spray will remove it.
    • 500 ml extra-large size


  • 100% Cleaning Tiles, Mosaic, floor, Bathroom Commode, basin, bathtub etc.
  • Swelling spots, Iron spot, Water spot, Hand Black spot, cannot removing dark spot easy to remove
  • Totally safe
  • Will clear in 1 minute.
  • Can be used anywhere.
  • Can be used directly.
  • Dirt stains remove any stains.
  • 500 ml extra-large size

    The most powerful cleaner for cleaning tiles and mosaics in the home-office or anywhere

  • New and old stains and dirt on bathroom tiles will be cleaned in no time.
  • Removes red iron stains from water.
  • Blink will lift stains that other cleaners can’t.
  • If the mosaic becomes black and dirty, clean it like new.
  • Marble dirt and stains will be removed in no time.
  • Algae and dirt will be cleaned instantly from paving and garden tiles and bricks.
  • Item Include: 1 x Hg Tiles Cleaner Spray, 1 x Tap Cleaner Spray ,  2 x Cleaning scrubber,  1x Spray Gun and 1x User Manual

Cleaning process: Spray on effected area then wait 2-3 minutes then again spray and brush the area with our provided scrubber then cleaning the tap with clean water then use clean tissue or towel to remove water drop.

Note: If your taps or fittings are other colors than silver, such as golden or black, mist the fittings with a little water before spraying for best results.

Dr Teny Combo HG Tiles and Tap Cleaner ৳ 1,379.00 Original price was: ৳ 1,379.00.৳ 799.00Current price is: ৳ 799.00.

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